About Us

Hello and Welcome to our lives,

    Deb(Pinky) & I(Breeze) live in York, Pa. We met online through a dating service (that's right!) and have been inseparable since. We were married on June 9th 2007. We were married on our 1st pontoon, The Brink (Short for Breeze & Pinky...get it? ...LOL), and wouldn't ya know it, PA Fish & Boat just had to give us a ticket for 1 life preserver short...anyway, Check out "Our Wedding" page.

    We both love riding HD but unfortunately haven't had much time lately. We are avid fisherman and try to get out every chance we can. Check out the "On The River" page.

    Feel free to check out every page of our site and don't forget to drop us an email once in awhile as well. We are on Facebook as well.

    Living out here in the country is about the nicest thing there is. No such thing as a vacation for us, it's more a stay-cation. Check out "The Shack" page.

   One of our many, many joys (Besides each other...) is kickin' back and lovin' on our "Critters".

Haven't seen us in awhile? Check some of the photos below......